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What We Do

RFC Power are developing new classes of low-cost redox flow battery chemistry, leveraging concepts from fuel cells.

Energy storage is a critical component of the transition from conventional fossil fuel generation to a low-carbon energy system dominated by variable renewable generation such as solar and wind. Redox flow batteries are a form of rechargeable battery ideally suited for long duration, stationary energy storage but uptake of current technologies, such as all-vanadium systems, is limited by electrolyte cost.

RFC Power’s patented hydrogen-manganese system combines optimised cell architecture with low-cost chemistry. The system has a high single cell voltage, high power density, high round trip efficiency, extremely long cycle-life and crucially capital costs which are a fraction of competing flow battery systems as the electrolyte is based on inexpensive, non-toxic abundant materials.

Scientists with commercial experience

Who We Are

RFC Power was spun out from Imperial College’s Departments of Engineering and Chemistry by the institution’s innovation arm in 2017 and is underpinned by a number of scientific breakthroughs published in top tier scientific journals conducted in the labs of Nigel Brandon, Anthony Kucernak, Javier Rubio Garcia and Vladimir Yufit.

Professors Nigel Brandon and Anthony Kucernak are both experienced entrepreneurs and senior academics at Imperial College London. Professor Brandon is Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, and founded the AIM-listed fuel cell leader, Ceres Power. Professor Kucernak has previously founded several spinouts including Bramble Energy and SweetGen. Dr Vladimir Yufit, co-founder and advisor, is an innovative scientist and author of over 14 patent applications in the field of electrochemical energy systems. Co-Founder and co-inventor Dr Javier Rubio Garcia is behind some of the core innovations at RFC Power, and continues to work on fundamental research supporting the company at Imperial College.

RFC Power is led by CEO Tim von Werne, who has spent 15 years working in early stage technology companies, combining technical management with commercial experience. The technical team is led by Dr Sarah Mallinson, an experienced flow battery electrochemist who joined RFC having spent 5 years as R&D Manager at flow battery company RedT where she worked on large scale energy storage systems. In January 2020, RFC secured seed investment from IP Group, one of the UK’s leading cleantech investors and the company is supported by non-executive director Andrew Symes.

Scientists, Engineers + You?

Want to join us?

RFC Power is looking for motivated scientists and engineers who are passionate about accelerating the world’s transition to low carbon energy to join a growing London based team developing the next generation of grid scale energy storage solutions. Backgrounds in areas such as product design, reactor design, systems design and integration, electrochemical technology, and cell and stack manufacture, are all relevant.

Current roles:

Flow Battery Engineer

This role will involve the design and evaluation of flow battery cells, stacks and systems,  and will lead RFC Powers’ flow battery engineering programme.  We are looking for a highly motivated PhD level candidate with industrial experience in a field relevant to flow battery development, ability to design, undertake and analyse experiments and expertise in electrochemical cell and stack design.

Research Scientist

We are seeking an organised and enthusiastic individual with experience working in a chemistry laboratory, an understanding of health and safety regulations and an ability to prioritise workloads. The role will include managing laboratory equipment and conducting hands on experiments whilst maintaining health and safety measures.  A formal qualification in this area is desirable.

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